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Thorns of Truth

Seeing the truth demands seeing past the crowd.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” Hans F. Hansen

“Truths and roses have thorns about them.” Henry David Thoreau

Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West 2014

Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West 2014

I had the opportunity to experience another great Catalyst event. This time it was Catalyst West Coast with some of the Creative Arts team from Central. This year marked the first time my friend Tyler Reagin was fully at the helm as well as the first time (that I’m aware of at least) that Andy Stanley was not a speaker. It was another great year of discovering new speakers, encouragement from new experiences and ideas, and going deeper in the friendships with the rest of the team.

Here are my twenty favorite quotes from the event (or at least my best effort to capture what they said). Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my top 20 quotes.


The God Beyond Our Grasp

Faith requires trusting Jesus through uncertainty.

Pride demands answers. Humility allows for uncertainty. Faith is the difference.

Top 15 Quotes from Mark Batterson

Top 15 Quotes from Mark Batterson

Last night we had an incredible prayer conference at Central with Mark Batterson. Not only can the dude preach but he brings incredible insight into the spiritual life with prayer as a focus. Here are my favorite fifteen quotes.

  1. I believe in short prayers before meals because I believe in eating food while it’s still hot. I think it’s good stewardship.
  2. If you’re not fasting, you’re full of yourself.
  3. The Bible was not meant to be read. The Bible was meant to be prayed. Reading the Bible without praying is like eating without digesting.
  4. When you open your Bible God opens his mouth. If all we ever do is read it then it becomes a monologue.
  5. Success is when those who know you best respect you the most.
  6. The Holy Spirit plus caffeine equals awesome.
  7. Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers.
  8. At some point in life the best you can do isn’t good enough.
  9. Prayer is the difference between letting things happen and making things happen.
  10. Singing is something we do with our voices, worship is something we do with our hearts.
  11. God sometimes uses past tense language for things that have not yet happened.
  12. Not getting an answer you prayed for is not a failure in prayer. It’s a reminder that you are not omniscient.
  13. Instead of ASAP, it’s ALAT. As long as it takes.
  14. Fasting is how you exercise your “No” muscle.
  15. Anything we don’t turn into praise turns into pride.

The Gift of a Perspective

Christmas According to Luke