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Borrowing Hope

We made the video about Brian’s story (see above) and showed it at Central this past weekend. Not surprisingly, it has connected with many people. It’s worth taking six minutes of your day to watch it. I’ve known Brian for many years and have watched him go through this journey. It’s easy to talk about God when it goes well and you don’t feel like you need Him to do much. But we see the power of God in our weaknesses and I love the picture of the church we see in Brian’s story. My favorite thing he says in the video is “What do you do when you don’t have any hope? You borrow hope from other people that love you.”


A Few Good Men… and Women

Do you see what God sees?

Top 20 Quotes from Double Conference (2014)

Top 20 Quotes from Double Conference (2014)

I experienced a new conference this week in South Carolina called Double. Hosted by Newspring Church, it looks at ways to intentionally invite new people to your church and be others focused. What would it look like double your church attendance? What would you have to do differently?

Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event. Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what they said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own. All quotes are from Perry Noble.


Future of the Church

I had the great opportunity to do an interview with Steven Siwek for his future of the church series. Be sure to also check out the amazing group of people he has previously interviewed.

The Gate

The way you enter determines the way you’re treated.

The world shows you the wall to climb. Jesus shows you the gate to enter.

John 10:1-10

The Great Evangelical Recession

I recently finished a thought provoking read from John S. Dickerson called The Great Evangelical Recession. In it Dickerson addresses six areas where the modern day Church in America will change in the coming decades. Then, he lays out his recommended solutions for how we should prepare for them. While I differed slightly with some of his conclusions I really enjoyed the discussion. I completely agree that the American Church is due for dramatic change and I hope to serve as a helpful voice in the process. He mentions the story of one of my mentors, Greg Boyd, and speaks of ideas that have been stirring in my head for awhile now.

Dickerson captures our two options well by saying that ‘What follows is not depressing. It simply tests our loyalty. While confronting these facts, we will be forced to answer, again and again, “Am I more committed to evangelicalism as we know it, or to Jesus Christ, His kingdom, and His message?” That question serves as a great test for each of us in the way we view the future of the church. Are we energized by this or deflated?