Crowdsourcing the Message is a manual of sorts written for leaders in ministry. It covers the topic of collaborative preaching and looks at the system we use at Central Christian Church. Admittedly, this is a niche conversation as this book is primarily for preachers, but is also for anyone passionate about the teaching/preaching in a church and the ways in which they can get involved themselves. Even if it means they will never be the one on stage.

What others are saying:

“Why not find your sermons from within the people of your church? Could there be better illustrations and ideas that come from your people rather then just you? Jeremy’s latest book will show you how to capture those stories and put together a team that will make Sundays come to life like never before.”

Craig Gross, author and pastor of

“Crowdsourcing the Message can benefit the local preacher, church members, and preaching classes in Christian colleges and universities. The ideas given will help the small church as well as the mega church.”

Dr. Joe Grana, Hope International University

“I’ve believed in the power of collaboration in preaching all of my life. I can say that most of the improvement in my preaching through the years has been as much about listening as it has about studying. Jeremy has done an excellent job of putting these ideas into action steps and helping communicators take the message back to the people.”

Dr. Tim Harlow, Senior Pastor of Parkview Christian Church


Below is an excerpt from an interview I did for GirlfriendIT radio.

Jeremy Jernigan Interview on GirlfriendIT by jeremyjernigan

Quotes from the book: