My 63 Books of 2013

A Faith Not Worth Fighting ForS JJ AbramsThe Naked Gospel

Last year I set a new record for most books I’d ever read in a year. This year, I just realized that I read the exact same amount. It’s not exactly like sixty-three is a natural number to read so I’ll now be self evaluating myself to figure out what’s going on.

My favorite books this year were The Naked Gospel (reread), A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, and S.

Here is the list the books I’ve read since January of 2013 with my rating for them (5 being the best) and a brief review. Make sure you also check out my lists from previous years, as well as my recommendations on how to become a better reader. Also, click here to check out my book Crowdsourcing the Message.


#1 (Top 5 Posts of 2013)

This is part of a series of top posts from 2013.

#1: Forget the Books


Here is a comment I recently received on my blog:

“Read the Bible, forget the Books, they are Satan’s web of deception. The Bible states, in the end times many even the elect will be deceived… Your choice.”

I deleted the comment because it isn’t respectful or on topic to the post it was left on. The comment author (whom I will grant anonymity) assumes that we can read the Bible and perfectly understand God through the process. Further, it is a sign of being deceived to quote anything other than the Bible. I wish this comment was unique, but sadly I see this time and again. Let me take a moment to reflect using this comment as a launching pad.

The number one most viewed post on my blog in 2013 was my response to a comment I received on a post. Not only did this post drive the most traffic but it also stirred up quite the discussion. Click here to read it.

#2 (Top 5 Posts of 2013)

This is part of a series of top posts from 2013.

#2: The Biblical View of Gay Marriage

marriage equality

This morning I was reflecting on a passage in the Bible where Luke tells of a “sinful” woman who cries on Jesus’ feet, wipes them with her hair, and then anoints his feet with perfume. It is absolutely insulting to the religious people watching. I’m convinced that the heart of this issue is whether a gay person could love Jesus like that. Many of them want nothing to do with Jesus (or His Christians). I know many others do and yet it creates the same reaction in the Church today that Jesus saw with this woman.

My second most viewed post from the year was about a very sensitive subject, especially if you’ve been following the Duck Dynasty fiasco recently. We all have opinions about gay marriage, but what does the Bible really say about it? Click here to read the original post.

#3 (Top 5 Posts of 2013)

This is part of a series of top posts from 2013.

#3: Top 20 Quotes from Leadership Summit

Global Leadership Summit 2103 #wcagls

“Every vision tests the meddle of every leader.” Bill Hybels

“Leadership is getting more out of people than the science of management says you can.” Colin Powell

“Choose your companions before you choose your road.” Mark Burnett

“If you want to lead a life worthy of leadership, see people for who they are becoming.” Bob Goff

The third most viewed post from the year was a recap of my favorite twenty quotes from the Global Leadership Summit. Click here to read it.

#4 (Top 5 Posts of 2013)

This is part of a series of top posts from 2013.

#4: Abercrombie & Fitch: Their CEO Said What?

abercrombie & fitch

Photographer: Paul Taggart-Bloomberg via Getty Images.

Across media platforms, in schools and in homes across America, body image is under attack. Men and women are taught to believe, subliminally or more directly, that if they aren’t thin, they aren’t beautiful. Look no further than the magazine racks. Hollywood and the media are always displaying overweight celebrities and equating them to being less than those that are “thin, beautiful people.”

The fourth most viewed post from the past year was actually a guest post from my friend Brad. That’s a very cool first for me to have a guest post get so much traffic! Click here to read it.