Seattle Vacation – Pike’s Place Market

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Today Michelle and I went down to the famous Pike’s Place Market. There I saw the second-most overrated tourist trap in my life: the flying fish market. What was first? When I was in high school we visited the east coast and I saw the historical Plymouth Rock. I feel like I need to warn everyone not to expect much from this if you haven’t seen this before. It is seriously one little shop and they don’t even throw fish that often. It is just a bunch of tourists standing around with cameras waiting for someone to actually order a fish. Awesome.

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We then walked down to see the first Starbucks ever. What was funny about it is that it didn’t actually look like a Starbucks inside. Ironic. We bought a piece of art off of a street vendor of the storefront design. I’ve included my picture of it and a picture of our art so you can compare yourself and see how secretly artistic I am with my camera-work…

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As we were walking around we saw a group of nude cyclists riding down the street together. You don’t see that in AZ everyday. Entertaining to say the least.

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As I post this latest update, I am currently playing Mozart for my son (Michelle is holding headphones to her stomach). This is his first official music-listening experience. He isn’t ready for my favorite music yet, but I think he can handle a little Mozart.

Seattle Vacation – Dueling Piano Bar

Tonight we walked down to experience my first ever dueling piano bar called Chopstix (and we didn’t have to pay the $7 cover charge per person because Michelle talked our way out of it!). It was pretty great entertainment and they had the most amazing steak sirloin strips I have ever tasted! Seriously, the flavor was so good I was enjoying licking it off my fingers…I even ordered a second plate. (This is what I’m holding in the picture below in case of confusion).

After that we went to a coffee shop attached to our building and enjoyed some free drinks courtesy of our hotel (they give us a $10 voucher per day!). I finished the first book that I started on our trip, The Catcher in the Rye, and am now pondering why it is such a literary classic?

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Seattle Vacation – Space Needle

Today Michelle and I checked out what Seattle is probably best known for, the infamous Space Needle. It isn’t quite the experience of the Empire State Building but it was a great view (on an apparently rare sunny Seattle day) and not nearly the wait. And, it is walking distance from our hotel!

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A Deal With God

I was on a ride-a-long last Sunday with one of my friends from Third Format who is a Gilbert officer. He introduced me to his closest friend in the force and we got to talking over some food. I asked him about his view of God and he told me that he and God had an agreement. Intrigued, I asked him for the details.

He told me that he agreed to not talk bad about God and that God wouldn’t talk bad about him.

Wow. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry tears of remorse for such a broken image of God. Yet this implied fear/anger toward God is not unique to him. As I’ve reflected on that conversation since then I’ve been reminded of how many people out there live in isolation from a loving God who wants nothing more than to reconcile Himself to them. And it’s usually “Christians” who push them away. How do we be the church for people like this?

Hitting the Target?

As most of you know, I love baseball. There is so much to the sport that is so interesting to me. Part of the game involves pitchers intentionally hitting batters for different reasons (many people would refer to this as “dirty” baseball but it is a part of it nonetheless). Then rivalry and team loyalty kicks in and the opposing pitcher will “protect” his team by following suit and hitting a batter himself. I’ve seen this with the Yankees/Red Sox numerous times. It is a subtle part of the game.

I came across a video today of something I had never seen though. A high school player beans an umpire…directly in the face. Coincidence? Decide for yourself. (Hint: watch what the catcher does as he “misses” the ball). Watch it here. You can read an in depth play-by-play here.

So here is my question: should this be considered another part of the game (if you really don’t like how the ump is calling the game) or is this immoral and something that should be banned and punished at all costs?

I can say this though, if it was intentional then that guy can throw!

Memorizing Scripture – Pt. 2

I’ve blogged before on my desire to memorize scripture, you can read my previous post here, and I’ve stumbled across something that will help me do this much more efficiently.

Many of you commented on my post last time about your own desire to do this. Yet the conversation always turns to the difficulty in disciplining yourself in this area. I recently read about software that helps you with spaced repetition (don’t I sound smart) and memorizing things for the long haul.

I recently downloaded a free software called Anki that basically helps you like flash cards. You make files of what you want to memorize and it quizzes you. Depending on how easy or hard it is for you to recall each card it then determines how long until you need to be quizzed on that card again. This is a much more efficient way to spend time memorizing and hopefully will help it to last in your head for years to come. They figured out an algorithm (there’s a word I never thought I’d use after again after my high school math classes) that tracks how we memorize and then apply it to whatever you are working on. Download it for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are on it.