The Blessed Life

the blessed life - robert morris

If you were at one of Central’s services this past weekend you received a copy of The Blessed Life by Robert Morris. Morris is the senior pastor of Gateway Church in Texas and will be speaking at Central on the weekend of March 16-17. The biggest strength of this book is the stories that he tells of ways in which God has moved both in his life and in the lives of those around him. It left me realizing that I need to pray bigger prayers and look for ways in which God can supernaturally get involved in how I give.

One of my favorite ideas that he develops in this book is the difference the spirit of pride and the spirit of poverty. Both of them are unhealthy and keep us from gratitude. Unfortunately, I can think of plenty of times I’ve felt both of them and even more times I’ve seen them in people around me.


Experience vs. Performance

Harvard Business Review - HBR

I read through an interesting article on the Harvard Business Review blog. The author (Peter Bregman) was nervous about the ceremony and the pressure of everyone watching them. He is Jewish and his wife is Episcopalian. The ceremony was looking to be complicated. He then shared some advice he received on the day before his wedding ceremony that has stuck with him:

Try to remember this: It’s not a performance; it’s an experience.

It’s a great reminder for us in whatever we do each week. It’s easy to kick into performance mode but with that comes the weight of expectations. Without that pressure you are able to enjoy the experience of each moment and the adventure that comes from that.


How Much are Dog Teeth Worth?


Michelle and I had an interesting conversation last week. She took our dog Chloe to the vet and then came home to report to me that we had just committed $600 for our dog. What’s the $600 for? I’m glad you asked… cleaning her teeth.

Now depending on how you are predisposed to feel toward animals you might react to this in one of two ways. For the animal lovers who cry every time Sarah McLaughlin sings a sad song about pets (you know who you are), you look at this as an obvious investment into a family member. For the non-animal lovers among us, this is a tough pill to swallow for teeth cleaning. For a dog.

As Michelle explained the details to me it was obvious she had mentally spent the money already. This wasn’t a whitening service we were getting for our dog. Apparently her teeth were in bad need of deep cleaning. I offered a few contrary perspectives that I felt should be discussed. She eventually put it into perspective for me.


John Piper

The Best Fat Michael Jackson

About five years ago my friend J.J. Peterson was in a Missy Elliot music video (it happened to be the first music video in 3D). Recently, he had a chance to tell the story. Not only is this great storytelling, it’s also an example of how to handle a very delicate moment like a pro.

For those of you who have read my book (or heard me share my own story), J.J. is the guy who spoke a prophetic word into my life when I was at a crossroads during my senior year of high school (he was a student pastor back then). He’s lived quite the productive life so far!

After you watch his story you’ll for sure be wondering about his big moment in the spotlight. Below is a screenshot from that music video to give you an idea of what he’s talking about.


Easter 2013 at Central

We just released our first promo video for our Easter series at Central. We tried something new with this one and actually made a fake promo video. I’m sure this will be confusing to some people but hopefully it creates some conversation and anticipation for what is coming. We still haven’t released the specifics of the series yet but I am beyond excited to see how this one plays out. In the meantime, enjoy a good laugh with our 2013 Easter promo video below.

Also, there are a few subtle things in this video that will take you a few watches to catch. See if you can spot my Easter egg look-alike. I’ve been told that the resemblance is striking.