Father Forgive

Water on the Rocks

This weekend I went through our fifth week of our Pixelated summer series at Central. I looked at the stories of the Israelites struggling with thirst in the wilderness and losing sight of God. Even Moses loses sight of God and disobeys Him in the way he gets water to come out of the rock. This will ultimately cost him the Promised Land.

As we unpacked it, I talked about how we should not let our thirst blur our vision of what God is up to in our midst. As Paul later reflected on this story, he explained that the rock which produced water was actually Jesus, and Jesus was always with them!

Below you can watch the Facebook Live video I did on Sunday night as I went through questions from our church.


Top 20 Quotes from Purpose Driven Church (2016)

Top 20 Quotes from Purpose Driven Church (2016)

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Rick Warren and Jeremy JerniganI had the opportunity to attend the Purpose Driven Church conference this week in California, hosted by Saddleback and Rick Warren. In case you missed it (which I’m not sure is possible), Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life sold more than 32 million copies and became a runaway success worldwide. This conference was designed to pour into church leaders and empower local churches to think more strategically in the way they develop people.

Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event. Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what Rick said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own. At the bottom of the page are some tweetable versions of them.


Passover to Pass Over

This weekend I preached the fourth installment of our Pixelated series at Central and looked specifically at the Passover. It’s fascinating that Jesus takes a tradition nearly 1500 years in the making (and practicing) and points the entire thing at Himself. It’s yet another example of how He views the entire Old Testament as a sign to Himself. (See: John 5:39-40). I unpacked how the blood reminds us we cannot save ourselves. Or said differently, you are not the solution to your problems.

And you can click here to watch another Facebook Live video we did going through questions you guys asked about this week’s message.

In All Things God

This weekend I preached the third message in our summer series at Central called Pixelated. So far we’ve covered the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), the stairway to heaven (Genesis 28), and this week we hit the story of Joseph and his brothers (Genesis 50). Each of these stories illuminates Jesus for us in new ways. In the above video from this weekend I tackled a heavy topic but encouraged us all that when things look their worst, Jesus is at His best.


Stairway to Heaven

We rolled out week 2 of our summer series called Pixelated at Central this weekend. This series is looking at different passages in the Old Testament and showing us how they better show us Jesus. In the video above I explore the image of Jacob’s Ladder from Genesis 28 and encourage us not to miss God’s work to reach us because of our work to reach Him.

Like last week, we held another Facebook live event on Sunday night to discuss questions and go deeper into these concepts. Below you can see that video.