I Can Do All Things

The video above shows the message I gave at Central this weekend. It was the second part of our series “That’s What He Said” looking at popular misquoted verses in the Bible.

The big idea I talk about is that contentment comes from dependency on Jesus, not self-sufficiency.

And here is the original blog post where this message began.

The Lord Gives and Takes

In the video above I launch our new series “That’s What He Said” looking at different misquoted verses. This weekend I tackled Job’s conclusion that God gives and takes away. Check it out to see the context around this quote.

My conclusion is that God is good, and only good!

The End of Time

I spoke on the book of Revelation and gave five ways to understand it. Much of it might be different than you’ve previously assumed.

Revelation is a reminder that it’s worth it.

The Difference Between Music and Noise

The Difference Between Music and Noise

One of the things I love about music is that it forces you to stop being productive. What I mean by that is we often have music playing in the background for much of what we do. In reality, that tends to be nothing more than noise. But to listen, to really absorb music, requires you to stop what you are doing and commit to it. It demands something of you and offers nothing in return. You’ll have nothing to show for it. It’s an experience and then it’s gone. As I get older (and busier), I’ve realized that it’s a necessary discipline to make time to enjoy music in my life. Not just hear it, but to experience it.

In his book Soul Keeping, Pastor John Ortberg talks about profound advice he once received from Dallas Willard. Willard told him, “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” We would do well to follow his advice today. But how?


A Status Update

A Status Update

We live in a culture which challenges your personal status every day. At the touch of our fingertips we read one status update after another on our favorite social media sites. In fact, usually multiple sites. Yet notice the words we use to describe a person’s update. If you look at the tab selected when you post something on Facebook it says “update status.” That’s what we attempt to do. Update our status… and do it in 140 characters or less. Because every time we read one of those posts from someone else, on how great their life is currently going and how life seems to be working better for them, it updates our status as well. Usually negatively. That’s why it’s become common to hear people talk about taking a break from social media for awhile.

This matters immensely. The myth is that this is just a personal concern for us to manage well. But it’s way beyond personal. Our perceived status is the multiplier for how we treat those around us.


Our First Two Amendments

In light of so much that has happened lately, especially in my home state, I absolutely love this quote above from Brian Zahnd. It grieves me to watch Christians in America who primarily associate with our nation instead of our faith. It’s time for believers to actively stand against this.

It’s time to celebrate the cross instead of the flag.

It’s time to serve the oppressed instead of worrying only about protecting our borders.

It’s time to extend rights to those who live differently than us.

It’s time to love others instead of defending our guns.