Here are the books I’ve read since January of 2016 with my rating for them (5 being the best) along with a brief review. Any book without a number rating has been given to me by the author or publisher. In addition to this list you might also check out my reading lists from previous years as well as my recommendations on how to become a better reader.

(Click here) to see the books I have personally written, and see below for the ones I’ve read this year.

  1. Molina by Bengie Molina and Joan Ryan (3.5). I love baseball in part because of stories like this one. Bengie was an incredible player and he tells a remarkable story of how one family produced three major league catchers who all won world series rings.
  2. A Spoke in the Wheel by Renate Wind (4). While I do not agree with everything Bonhoeffer believed or did, his life offers us a vulnerable look at how to live out a faith in Christ amidst the most trying times one might imagine. It provides both a biographical look on Bonhoeffer’s life as well as a collection of some of his writings.
  3. Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman (3.5). I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Kyle a bit and he does a great job in this book on pushing Christians to live their faith more than just in words.
  4. Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (3). Some of the wisdom in this books sounds very dated and impossible to live out in a normal life. However, it also provides a great foundation for spiritual life together in community.
  5. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (3.5). This is a spiritual classic and Bonhoeffer’s most famous work. I love his stuff on nonviolence and evil but he loses me with his views on faith.
  6. Eve by Paul Young (3). This is Young’s third book and shares similarities with both Crossroads and The Shack. This one strays the furthest into an imaginative world and at times can be difficult to keep up with. Still worth reading if you like Young’s writings.