Vanity on the Rise

A recent study has found that today’s college students are more narcissistic (characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance) than previous generations. They attribute it to things like MySpace and YouTube.

It raises an interesting thought. Does our current cultural love of things like personal web sites (MySpace), shows about our peers and possibly us (reality tv), and websites where we can be famous for our own home videos (YouTube) foster an attitude of narcissism? Even as you read this you are reading off of my personal blog webpage! Maybe we are just fully tapping into the “American Dream,” the idea that anyone can make it big if they work at it enough. Or maybe we are heading a direction that few of us realize.

With technology always on the rise I fear that we may become more about ourselves and less about true community. Many people thought that technology would bring us together but it seems to be doing the opposite. How do we have an attitude like that of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:3-5) and humbly put others before ourselves when it gets easier and easier to focus on us? Take it even further…why waste time with other people when we can be truly self sufficient? I believe that the Church (as it should be, not necessarily how it currently is) has to be on the forefront of helping people get back into true community with one another and with our Creator. Then maybe people would realize the value of fellowship again and see the beauty of God’s creation coming together in all of its diversity.

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Jeremy Jernigan

This is the personal blog of Jeremy Jernigan husband, father, executive pastor, and student of truth



about 8 years ago

Jer, Great thoughts. We are in the midst of a series dealing with Affluenza and the American Dream and I'm going to use some of these here thoughts next week. The next message is about how we have bought into the lie about the value of people being based on the values of society (ie. if you have what they want you have value). Thanks for the insight on today's generation.


Ryan Reed

about 8 years ago

Hey Jeremy, You expressed some interesting points in this blog, it was really intriguing on many levels, however I think we also find the opposite idea expressed through technology. Myspace, facebook, AIM, MSN Messenger, Friendster, all sites that promote community and allow people to interact with each other, it may not be the most personal way but it does foster some sense of community. In some ways technology has opened doors of community and communication, this blog even though it is personal, promotes community in itself because of how it communicates your thoughts to other people and allows them to respond. I do think that it's an odd paradox how technology has created both community and narcissism. I would agree that we need to bring an appreciation of creation back into our culture, which is definitely not easy with technology. Anyway, good thoughts.



about 8 years ago

You bring up some great thoughts guys. And Ryan, you're totally right. I have connected to many people that I had lost touch with through new technology like MySpace. So in a way, it is definitely creating an "online" community at least. What I've noticed in myself though is that as these things have increased and become more available, I find myself less likely to personally call someone or to write someone a letter and send something physical by "snail mail." That to me is the ironic twist of what the online community produces.



about 7 years ago

Jeremy, great thoughts! When we lol it is nice to have someone there to hear! What is happening to simple civility in our culture when people text right and left while trying to communicate with someone right in front of them? We rush through McDonalds without a "please" or "thank you". Heaven forbid we wait 2 minutes without getting agitated--behind the counter folks work mighty hard in all of these establishments for little money and take a lot of grief. Time to bring small kindnesses back! Charles Watson


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