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Interview with Justin Narducci

Interview with Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci has been a longtime friend of mine. We have traveled through many different seasons of life together. Justin has a unique insight into the Kingdom of God and I love being challenged by his perspective and dedication. Justin started at Boeing and later worked for Life in Abundance where he saw how he can encourage the American church into action for the world. He now serves as the CEO of Lifewater, an organization designed to “provide water, health, and hope.”


The Ragamuffin Gospel

I recently finished reading through Brennan Manning’s book, The Ragamuffin Gospel. You may have heard of it as it’s become one of the modern classics of the faith. As with Divine Conspiracy, I came in with high expectations.

Overall, I thought it was average. It was a great explanation of the grace of God but I was left wondering how his ideas fit into discipleship. For me, grace is the easier part to understand and discipleship is the trickier part. In that light, I don’t think this book was in my wheelhouse but I did like how he developed his ideas on God’s grace. I believe that we collectively as Christians underestimate the grace of God today.


Divine Conspiracy Ch.10

The Divine Conspiracy - Dallas WillardAlright friends, this is it. My review of the last chapter of Dallas Willard’s book, Divine Conspiracy. You can see my review for all 10 chapters here. This has been a great book, albeit far longer (and wordier) than necessary. My hope in blogging through each chapter is that I have provided a reader’s digest version for those of you who don’t have the desire to plow through the entire thing.

One of the things that Willard develops brilliantly throughout the book is the motive behind our actions. Often in Christianity we talk of things that we should do without examining why we should do them. This produces legalism at best and at worst it becomes a stale set of rules that disengages the person from the living God. In fact, the reality is that the things we do to get closer to God often become the things that actually drive us farther away from Him. If it doesn’t stem from the right reasons, the actions themselves can be have the opposite effect as desired. Again, as Willard describes it:


My 29 books of 2010

Here are the 29 books I read in 2010 with my rating and a brief review of each. My favorite read of the year (besides the Bible) is a tossup between the Naked Gospel and Outliers. My least favorite read of the year goes to Live Sent by Jason Dukes. Here they are in the order I finished them.

The Baseball Fanatic by Louis D. Rubin Jr (3) This is a very light read with baseball quotes from people connected to the game. Good for the coffee table or even a more private reading spot…

The Search for God and Guiness by Stephen Mansfield (4.5) This is a great story about the history of the Guiness family and their surprising influence on Ireland because of their faith. Makes me wish I enjoyed the taste of Guiness. A very engaging story for any history buff.

Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind by Charles Nicholl (3) This is a tough read that I had to push through. I’m intrigued by da Vinci’s life, but this book is fairly dry and pretty long. I’d only recommend this for the bold (or those with a lot of extra time on their hands).


Divine Conspiracy – Ch.9

The Divine Conspiracy - Dallas WillardChapter 9 of Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy is titled, “A Curriculum for Christlikeness,” and as you might imagine it is a meaty one. This is the chapter that many of the people in our TOAG program from Central are asked to read. This is part of my ongoing series of posts about the book. Here are a few of the big ideas that stood out to me.

“So as Jesus’ current assistants in his ongoing program, one important way of characterizing our work of ‘training disciples to do everything I told you’ is ‘bringing them to actually believe all the things they have already heard.'”


Divine Conspiracy – Ch.8

Here are a few of my favorite thoughts on Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy for chapter 8. Only two chapters left after this and then I will have blogged through this whole behemoth of a book!