Leadership Summit Day 2

Here are the things that stood out to me about day 2 of the Summit. Again, not exact quotes but my best attempt at capturing some of the profound things they said. Click here to see my thoughts from day 1.

Jeff Manion

  • “The wilderness is fertile ground for God’s provision.”

Terry Kelly

  • “One of the important roles of a leader is to figure out how you should divide in order to multiply.”

Blake Mycoskie

  • “Giving not only feels good, but it’s a good business strategy.”
  • “All we have to focus on is giving. Our customers will take care of marketing.”

Jack Welch

  • “Organized the organization by the top 20%, the middle 70%, and the bottom 10%.”
  • “Everybody else knows where people in the organization are in the percentages so you might as well make your opinion known as well.”
  • “You’ll never look back and say “I wish I would have waited longer to make that change.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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