Pessimism vs Optimism

optimism vs pessimism You probably know which of these two images you naturally relate more with. (I’m definitely an optimist). Depending on which one you are you probably also have a list of reasons why the other side is worse off than you are. But is there truly a better one? From my experience there are times when you need to look at an idea pessimistically. Everyone else make be overexcited about it and blindly follow through with its implementation only to set themselves up for huge disappointment and failure. There are also times when you need to look at an idea optimistically. Everyone else may have a zillion reasons why it won’t work, why it’s a waste of time, and why you’re a moron for even thinking about it. But you KNOW that it’s a good idea and is worth it. And in hindsight… so will they. I’ve got friends who are in both camps. The challenge for a good leader is to know where they are at personally and to use both filters appropriately. Don’t tip the scale so much that you guarantee yourself failure time and time again. Don’t surround yourself and listen only to those in the same camp as you. Find that balance in between and I bet you’ll learn which ideas are worth walking away from and which are worth going all in. So which one are you and how will you balance that out?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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