I love sharing ideas. I’m a second-generation preacher and contrarian thinker who looks to see things in a fresh way and communicate with humor and passion. I’ve spoken at churches, conferences, colleges, company gatherings, workshops, and staff meetings.

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“Jeremy is a remarkably insightful, inspiring teacher, preacher, and author. In his preaching, Jeremy balances teaching stimulating biblical content with a unique pastoral ability to help people apply Scripture in their day-to-day lives as effectively as any teacher I’ve ever heard. And Jeremy has a deep and all-too-rare passion to help the church recover a wholistic Gospel that inspires people to labor for social and racial justice as well as to reach lost souls. If your congregation is hungry to be inspired and challenged to ‘take it to the next level,’ Jeremy is your guy!”

Greg Boyd, Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills Church / Author

“Jeremy is an exceptional communicator and leader worth following. He is courageous and humble—the real deal. If you are looking for someone to maintain the status quo; Jeremy is not your guy. If you are looking for someone to take your church or organization toward a more authentic pursuit of Jesus then I can’t think of anyone better.”

Justin Narducci, President/CEO at CURE International, Inc.

“Jeremy is an important and much needed refreshing voice today. Whether through his writings or teachings, his insights on the scriptures inspire me to step fully into the kingdom life Jesus taught about.”

Steve Carter, Author/Speaker

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