200 Pomegranates

I just read Shawn Wood’s first book, 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One, and found it to be an encouraging read. Shawn is one of the teaching pastors at Seacoast Church. I’ll admit, I think that the book starts slow and I even thought his main premise was a bit of a stretch. But, as I got into it more, I think he explains his point well and leaves you thinking of your life in a new way. This book would be great for any person who ever feels that their life is full of things that seemingly don’t make a big difference (don’t we all feel this at times?)

“It is a very lonely place to be when you realize that if you didn’t show up tomorrow, the world, your home, your workplace, and your community would be exactly the same. It is during those lonely moments that we all realize, despite all of the wealth we may accumulate, despite the power and prestige we may gain at work, and even in spite of how much we may love God, our most basic desire is to have some influence on our world. When we feel that we are not having this influence, our inner two-year-old comes out and we demand any attention we can get.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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