24/7 Prayer at Central

I spent some time praying at the Gilbert campus tonight for this year’s 24/7 prayer event at Central. It was a great time and very spiritually refreshing. In one station, people could write thoughts onto a white board. I took a picture of one comment that stood out to me.
As I sat and stared at these three sentences, I suddenly remembered two years ago when I was doing the same exact thing. I was at a 24/7 prayer station, this time it was a station setup with a punching bag. In that station, we were encouraged to write something down that we were frustrated with God about. At that point in our life, Michelle and I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t start a family, especially when I felt that God was the one who had given us such a desire to have one. I wrote my complaint on a piece of paper and left it there and walked away from that night unresolved.
Flash forward to tonight. I sat there and remembered the frustration I had then when I felt that God was silent, and how different that seems to me now as we are currently pregnant with our second child. God is still listening, and prayer really does matter. So wherever your journey with God is right now, don’t give up on Him. He may have an answer for you that you can’t see coming.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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