5 Incredible Years!

Today marks the five year anniversary that Michelle and I have been married. It is crazy to look back, 2 kids, 1 dog, many years of dating… back to when we first began as high school sweethearts! We have already experienced many different highs and lows and I know there are many more to follow. But there is nobody else I’d rather live the journey with! I love you Michelle! Jeremy and Michelle Here is a poem called “Together” that Ludwig Lewisohn wrote that I dedicate to my bride today:
“You and I by this lamp with these
few books shut out the world. Our knees
touch almost in this little space.
But I am glad. I see your face.
The silences are long, but each
Hears the other without speech.
And in this simple scene there is
The essence of all subtleties,
the freedom from all fret and smart,
The one sure sabbath of the heart.

The world–we cannot conquer it,
nor change the minds of fools one whit.
Here, here alone do we create
Beauty and peace inviolate;
Here night by night and hour by hour
we build a high impregnable tower
whence may shine, now and again,
A light to light the feet of men
when they see the rays thereof:
And this is marriage, this is love.”
Ludwig Lewisohn, Together

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