5 Tweets I’m Thinking About

Like any introvert worth their salt, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Specifically, I’ve been processing a lot in the world. And honestly, it’s caused me a bit of anguish. I’m trying to lament these feelings and allow Jesus to shape me in this space. In that vein, I thought I’d share five tweets I’ve read recently that I think are worth considering.

1 – The Counterculture of Following Christ

I realize how controversial this view is—especially amongst Christians—but I really do wonder how radically different (and healthier) our Christianity would be if we decided to try it without guns. I believe this is one of the biggest spiritual blindspots for the Church in America. What would it look like for us to live gently in a violent world?

2 – The Founding Fathers

Like Derek’s tweet, I’m over this argument. Honestly, I’m amazed how much power and nobility we give the founding fathers. Especially as they were espousing the value of all people while simultaneously creating a culture built on owning people who looked different than them. As the writer David Gardner has said, “Maybe some dudes from the 1700s who owned people and would be mystified by the sight of a dishwasher weren’t right about everything in perpetuity.”

And related to that point…

3 – The Second Amendment

Andrea brings up a good point here. One can only wonder how we can hold onto an almost inerrant view of the second amendment when the writers could not have remotely envisioned the destruction a teenager with an AR-15 could do. This goes back to the near godlike powers and authority we attribute to the people who established this thing we call America.

4 – Power Structures

This is a change in gear, but this is so fascinating to me. This says volumes about our misery in life as well as the deep-seated resentment we’ve grown accustomed to in our everyday power structures. It’s hard to be a faithful follower of Jesus when you have power over people.

5 – The Holy Spirit

I’ll end with some good news. The Spirit of God is working against what is wrong in our culture and I hope to join with her in that work. Whenever we oppress those around us: with a gun or with a job or with our laws… we are at odds with what Jesus desires to do. Let us lament where we’ve missed the mark and keep exploring ways to discover the counterculture of Jesus.

Let us lament where we've missed the mark and keep exploring ways to discover the counterculture of Jesus. @BrianZahnd @derekkbaker_ @Strandjunker @UberFacts @masonmennenga Share on X

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