A Weekend in the Shack

We had a fantastic weekend spending time with the author of The Shack. Paul Young is an amazing guy who has an incredible story of God’s redemption in his life. One of my favorite things that he said when I interviewed him was, “God doesn’t heal us so He can use us. He heals us because He loves us. Then He invites us to play.”
We had lunch with him sunday and it turned out to be more than Gavin could handle (we are still waiting for the picture book version of The Shack to come out so we can get him up to speed.) Here is a pic of how he fell asleep on my arm while we were at lunch.
And it wouldn’t be right to mention this book without a reference to the few who so loudly protest it. Here is my advice to you if you’re reading my blog: if someone tells you to stay away from this book, ask them if they’ve ever read it themselves. Their answer may shed some light on the “credibility” of their opinion. Then read the book. You’ll probably love it. If nothing else, it will get you to think about God in ways you’ve probably never thought about before.
To sum it up: hurt people found God this weekend and some religious people “were pissed” (to quote Paul). Reminds me of when Jesus preached.

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