Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

I’ve had a long debate going with some of the girls in our small group. A handful of them are REALLY into vampire books. I’m talking Twilight groupies to the max… and that’s just the beginning! (they once “Twilighted” my office at work, complete with a life size cutout of Edward). I often tell them they need to read other types of books, and they tell me that I need to read more vampire books. So we’ve settled into our stalemate.

But the tables turned when I was given Seth Grahame-Smith’s book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. My friend and his wife knew of my love of all things Abraham Lincoln, and they knew that this would be a vampire book that I couldn’t refuse. They were right. While I don’t necessarily love the vampire genre, I do love a good story and so I was eager to read it.

It didn’t disappoint.

The book travels through the primary storyline of Abraham Lincoln (of which I have done my fair share of reading) but he adds a vampire storyline in between it all. It was actually very entertaining and I blew through it in a couple of days. I enjoy the Lincoln narrative so much that having a faux-storyline mixed in was actually more fun than I imagined.

It looks like it’s even on its way to becoming a movie.

So if you like vampire books, or Abraham Lincoln, or just good fiction, then pick up a copy for yourself.

A scene from the movie adaptation.

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