Adelyn Thoughts (Now At Home)

On Friday I posted about the birth of our third child and since then I’ve had some time to reflect on our new reality. I realized that Michelle and I look at little Adelyn totally differently. For Michelle, she sees an adorable little baby girl who can wear bows and headbands of all sorts of creativity. For me, I see a little girl that will wrap my emotions around her finger, argue with me when she’s a teenager, and cause me all sorts of stress as she begins to date and then I eventually have to give her away to another man (who may not even be alive yet).

Different—to say the least. It’s kind of like this:

All the dads reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve just begun an amazing adventure and I can’t help but ponder what lies ahead. For now, I’ll enjoy her to pieces. Here are some more pics:

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Jeremy Jernigan

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