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Of course you do. Even non-readers usually wish they were better at reading. One of the greatest things for my personal learning has been a website called Audible. It’s a bookstore of audiobooks. Now I realize that I may have lost you with that last word. Real “readers” don’t listen to audiobooks, right? Wrong. I’ve already won over a few skeptics (read: they made fun of me when I first told them about this) that have since turned into diehard audiobook fans. We are quick to forget the power of learning by listening. In fact, I recently read about the significance of listening versus reading when it comes to the courtroom.
“Testimony is expected to be given orally, on the assumption that the spoken, not the written, word is a truer reflection of the state of mind of a witness. Indeed, in many courtrooms jurors are not permitted to take notes, nor are they given written copies of the judge’s explanation of the law. Jurors are expected to hear the truth, or its opposite, not to read it.” Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death
I don’t only listen to books, but they have become an incredible supplement to my regular reading (usually on my Kindle app on my iPad). Here are some major advantages to audiobooks as I see them:
  1. You can listen faster than you can read. This is largely due to the fact that whoever you are listening to is probably a professional and can pronounce the words perfectly. Where we often stumble over confusing wordings, these readers never do. This is especially true with words that you don’t know. Once you get comfortable listening you can even increase the reading speed. I now listen to most of my books at 3x speed.
  2. You can listen in circumstances where reading a physical book would be impossible. I originally got into audiobooks because I wanted to maximize my time while I’m driving. Whereas I used to loathe this time—now I’m eager to drive somewhere. I also listen while I’m flying because I get motion sickness easily and can’t read on a plane.
  3. You can manage your books online and they have great apps for your phone. That way all I need is my phone to be ready at any time.
I acknowledge that we all learn in different ways, so there’s a chance that audiobooks don’t work for you. But give it a try and find out if you are missing an incredible way to learn. They do different types of monthly subscriptions where you get a certain number of credits to use each month. This allows you to save money and get a lot more books at an affordable price. Click here to check it out for yourself.

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