Beauty in the Basic

Beauty in the Basic

I’ve been reflecting lately on the importance of celebrating the more normal (mundane) parts of life. So often in our spiritual life we look for the big moments of significance. And those can be incredible to experience. But we often overlook and unnecessarily negate the beauty in the basic things. I’ll give you an example (one that will open myself up to quite a bit of ridicule as well). Lately I’ve been waking up with random songs in my head. When I say random, I mean songs that I haven’t listened to in years and don’t particularly even like. But I’ll find myself humming the melody or mouthing the lyrics I know and then I’ll catch myself and wonder what on earth is happening. Within the last week or so this has happened on three different occasions when it stood out to me. Here were the songs:
  1. Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio
  2. Toys ‘R Us song
  3. Don’t Save it All For Christmas Day – Celine Dion
Quite the assortment, eh? As I reflect on this I’ll admit that I find a weird enjoyment about it. Life is unexpected and new each day. Who knows what tomorrow brings? And where are these songs coming from? Let us each slow down enough to notice and enjoy the beauty in the basic moments we find each day. God is present with us for each one. And who’s to say He’s not a Coolio fan and He put that song in my head to begin with? Oh, and if you are still feigning ignorance or you want to join my experience lately—I invite you to click on any of the three songs and you’ll have the chance to listen yourself. Question: Where do you see beauty in the basic moments of your life right now?

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.