Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets

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Andy Stanley’s latest book, Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets, puts him back into the genre of life application rather than the theological magnum opus he recently published with his book Irresistible. While I prefer his theologically focused books, Andy is comfortable and competent in both worlds. This book is unabashedly practical but is still written toward a Christian perspective. In addition, each of the five questions comes with a case study from Scripture (his summary on Jeremiah was fascinatingly succinct and well-explained).

Andy’s topic on this latest book lands at a good time for all of us as we navigate the hot mess that is 2020. He has a way of saying things that sound so obvious when you read them but they seem to elude us much of the time. A great example is this line from the book: “Most of us want to be proven right more than we want to know what’s true. We aren’t on truth quests. We’re on confirmation quests.”

If you follow Andy’s preaching, some of these questions should sound familiar as he has covered these themes elsewhere. This shouldn’t deter you since he dives deeper into each idea. The five questions are:

  • The Integrity Question: Am I being honest with myself . . . really?
  • The Legacy Question: What story do I want to tell?
  • The Conscience Question: Is there a tension that deserves my attention?
  • The Maturity Question: What is the wise thing to do?
  • The Relationship Question: What does love require of me?

This is a short and easy read. It is doubtful you’ll discover a new idea that rocks your world, but it will give you a good kick in the pants and possibly provide some needed motivation for you to up your game. Sometimes that’s what we need most. As Andy explains, “Exceptional self-leadership, not authority, is the key to sustained influence.” Thankfully, we are all capable of that.

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