Interview with Blaine Hogan

I recently reviewed Blaine Hogan‘s new book, Untitled, and now I am proud to do an Off the Record interview with him. Blaine is a guy that bleeds creativity and that has taken him through being an actor on TV shows like “Prison Break,” to where he now finds himself as the creative director at Willow Creek Community Church. I will be giving away two free copies of Blaine’s book. Here is how you can win one:
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That means that each person could be entered up to 2 times in this drawing. I will pick the winners on Monday. Blaine Hogan on Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process from Clarkvideos on Vimeo. Tell us something odd/unique about you.
I grew up in Blaine, Minnesota. Yes, spelled the same way. I was born in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, like the movie), and we moved to Blaine when I was 6. Total coincidence, though as a kid, I did love having my name on the water tower!
What was something cool “behind the scenes” of being on Prison Break Season 1?
Probably most interesting was where we shot. Two places. One was a studio downtown Chicago made to look like the main cell block and the other was the abandoned Joliet prison just outside of the city. It was a creepy place to be, especially at night when the fog would roll in off the Fox River.
Do you think people are born leaders or develop into leaders?
I think it’s both. There are many people who are born leaders but never develop into actual ones. Also, we’d have to talk about your definition of “leaders.” I see leadership as someone who is able to instill vision and I think this is something everyone can do.
How can people put themselves into a position to influence culture?
Make things that matter. That may sound trite, but too many people are making too many things that simply don’t matter and they wonder why they aren’t influencing culture. Culture shifts because people believe in new ways of thinking.
Why are you a follower of Jesus Christ?
As I’ve attempted to live like Christ my life has been altered forever. I want to follow someone who can influence me so wholly.
What do you do personally to fuel your spiritual life?
Being still and present. Breathing. Recognizing that God made the world and we made the city.
What is your hope for the future of the Church in America?
Should we abandon the use of the word “Christian” for a better term? If so, what?
Well now we’re talking branding aren’t we? The word certainly has it’s critics (and rightfully so, if you ask me). I’m less concerned with the label as I am with what people do who call themselves that. Rebranding a company doesn’t automatically change the junky parts of the company. I’d rather focus on an inward rebranding before an outward one.
What blogs/websites do you regularly check?
Frank Chimero. Joshua Longbrake. Jarrod Shappell. SFGirlByBay.
Which books have shaped your thinking?
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Story by Robert McKee. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. Everything ever written by Fr. Rolhesier, Fredrick Buechner, Anne Lamott, and Miroslav Volf.
What music moves you?
Oh. So much, really. Music is the starting place for me most of the time so I listen to a lot! Right now I’m loving Jon Hopkins.
Any other thoughts or advice?
Grow. From the inside out. I don’t care how great that thing is you can make if you haven’t allowed your story to change you from the inside out.
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