Top 20 Quotes from Blessing Ranch (Fall 2015)

Top 20 Quotes from Blessing Ranch (Fall 2015)

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I had the incredible chance to spend the week in Florida at a place called Blessing Ranch. It’s a ministry for pastors, and lately they’ve been gathering groups of people from across the states to join up in mentoring groups. That meant I had the opportunity to dive deep into rich conversations with three other guys in ministry along with an incredible mentor named Dr. John Walker. While these conversations weren’t planned out, they were absolutely profound in what ended up being discussed. Normally I save my “20 quotes” posts for conferences, but this week brought so much for me to think about that I’m adding it in. Below you’ll see my 20 favorite ideas shared throughout our time together. All of these are typed into my paraphrase of what was said and some of them are just my personal thoughts in response to something another guy said. Many of these are probably quotes from famous authors and leaders but which may not have been attributed as such in our discussion (although I’ve attributed the source if it was mentioned). They also include a few ideas from Perry Noble, the Senior Pastor of Newspring Church and the author of a number of books. We had a chance to FaceTime with Perry and allow him to speak into our conversation as well. All that to say this list is my best attempt at capturing some of the incredible insights I received from this week in hopes it can be a blessing to you as well.
  1. Policy is a cheap way of dealing with problems.
  2. Every ministry is in transition and every pastor is interim.
  3. Leaders create a Petri dish for their teams to thrive in.
  4. Your character and motives as a leader matter more than your strategies.
  5. Christian leadership combines the Truth with your personality.
  6. It’s not what you say, it’s what you sow. Perry Noble
  7. DNA comes from a person, not a committee. Perry Noble
  8. Political leaders get serious about Jesus every 2-4 years. Perry Noble
  9. Whatever you are… leverage that. Perry Noble
  10. Change of place plus change of pace equals a change of perspective. Mark Batterson
  11. Is there a connection between the number of leaders you develop on your team and the number of them who leave for other opportunities? What if they should increase at the same rate? What if no turnover was actually a sign of little development?
  12. Trust is a valuable commodity.
  13. Do we only extend grace to the people we feel deserve it? That’s a sad irony.
  14. Make sure your moments are building into a bigger movement.
  15. How often are we “aiming” a conversation versus truly being present in the moment?
  16. Creativity, innovation, and change come from your capacity to be vulnerable. Brene Brown
  17. Questions bring clarity.
  18. Communicate a challenge the nicest way people will hear it.
  19. One of the most important things a leader brings to a team is energy.
  20. We sometimes tend to apply a different Gospel to ourselves than we do to others based on our story. We can often extend grace to others easier than to ourselves.

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