But It’s a Fry Heat

The Arizona Republic After I got home from church tonight, Michelle handed me the Sunday paper and pointed to an article on the front page of the Arizona Living section. The title was: “But it’s a fry heat: Cool tips for newbies.” The article is all about how newcomers to Arizona can survive their first summer here. Click here for the digital link. And you’d think there would be some mention of french fries, but you’d be wrong. After both Michelle and I read it, we’re guessing this was a major typo and “fry” was actually supposed to be “dry.” Believe it or not, Michelle saved it to show me so that I’d feel better when we make mistakes like this with stuff we do at Central. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and errors like this drive me nuts when they probably shouldn’t. So it’s morbidly encouraging to see others do it as well. In the process, we also had a funny interchange that went like this: Me: (to Michelle as she reads the paper) “I’m amazed you are still getting the paper. You are holding a dinosaur.” Michelle: “This dinosaur comes with coupons.” Me: (stunned silence)

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