Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst

Catalyst East 2013 I had previously attended the Catalyst One Day and the Catalyst West Coast events. This week, I experienced the big boy of Catalyst in Atlanta. Like I’ve done for the last three years of the Leadership Summit, I grouped the ideas that most stood out to me. Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event (which turned out to be VERY difficult to narrow down). Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what they said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own. Andy Stanley (he spoke for two sessions)
  • Your appetite for known cannot be satisfied by a number, but only a name.
  • There’s a little Lady Gaga in all of us (we live for the applause).
  • The better leader you are the fewer decisions you need to make.
  • I can’t make anyone fall in love with Jesus. I can only setup dates.
Malcolm Gladwell
  • Our obstacles and our weaknesses are our greatest opportunities.
  • Instead of being seen as an underdog, you should just have an accurate assessment of where power truly lies.
Jason Russell
  • The only way to truth and freedom is through vulnerability.
John Piper
  • God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.
Jeremy Jernigan and Tyler Reagin

Catching up with Tyler Reagin

Lecrae Moore
  • How dare I leave the world untouched by hands that the Holy Spirit has filled.
Judah Smith
  • Being known by God is altogether scandalous.
  • We’re sons and daughters by birth, not by worth.
Reggie Joiner
  • The bible doesn’t say change your neighbor as yourself. It says to love them.
  • Value what happens over time.
  • Fame lives to get applause, legacy lives to give applause.
Corey Booker
  • You can’t have great discoveries without getting lost.
  • Expressing gratitude is one of the most healing things you can do.
Dave Ramsey
  • You don’t own anything to pass to the next generation, you are managing what the next generation will have.
  • When it comes to raising kids, more is caught than taught.
Jud Wilhite
  • Everybody loves you till you lead.
  • Love the calling you have, not the one you wish you had.
I also got to catch up with my bro Tyler Reagin (who makes it all happen). You can read the interview I did with him here.

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