Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West (2018)

Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West (2018)

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I had the opportunity to attend the Catalyst West conference this week with some of the team from Abundant Life Church. Catalyst is a great shot in the arm of encouragement and connection with other church leaders. It was a bit weird to have been at this event only a year ago with a different staff team but once I took the Portland team to dinner at TGIFridays it all felt right. Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event. Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what they said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own.
  1. “A single act of courage is often the catalyst for extraordinary.” Andy Stanley
  2. “If there wasn’t uncertainty, the world wouldn’t need leadership. Uncertainty is the fertile soil for leading.” Andy Stanley
  3. “Great leaders don’t make all the decisions. Great leaders make sure all the decisions are great.” Andy Stanley
  4. “People don’t grow where they are informed, they grow where they are accepted!” Bob Goff
  5. “Stop trying to be Jesus’ lawyer. He doesn’t need one and you’re not good at it.” Bob Goff
  6. “Fun matters. It has an ROI.” Jon Acuff
  7. “Whenever God shows up, the next version of you shows up too.” Graham Cooke
  8. “God never gets disillusioned with you. He never had any illusions about you.” Graham Cooke
  9. “Accountability isn’t calling people out, but calling people up to how God sees them.” Graham Cooke
  10. “You only get saved once, but you get redeemed every day.” Graham Cooke
  11. “Every good and perfect gift does not come from hustle, it comes from God.” Carlos Whittaker
  12. “What you see as a rejection, God sees as a protection. What you see as a commotion, God sees as a promotion.” Lysa Terkeurst
  13. “It is the smile of heaven that attracts the scowl from hell.” Robert Madu
  14. “The approval of God does not come from our performance, it comes from our proximity to God.” Robert Madu
  15. “Corporate mission will eventually conflict with personal ambition.” Andy Stanley
  16. “Courage is willingly suffering for the people you lead so they will suffer less.” Patrick Lencioni
  17. “The place of your wounding will be the place of someone else’s healing.” Jay and Catherine Wolf
  18. “If fear defines you then you will either be oppressed or be an oppressor.” Danielle Strickland
  19. “We are always fighting for people, not against people.” Erwin McManus
  20. “Your pain is not the boundary of your freedom.” Erwin McManus

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