Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West 2014

Top 20 Quotes from Catalyst West 2014

I had the opportunity to experience another great Catalyst event. This time it was Catalyst West Coast with some of the Creative Arts team from Central. This year marked the first time my friend Tyler Reagin was fully at the helm as well as the first time (that I’m aware of at least) that Andy Stanley was not a speaker. It was another great year of discovering new speakers, encouragement from new experiences and ideas, and going deeper in the friendships with the rest of the team. Here are my twenty favorite quotes from the event (or at least my best effort to capture what they said). Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my top 20 quotes. Henry Cloud
  • Sometimes, something is important enough to do even if the probability to fail is great.
Bob Goff
  • You want to know how you’re doing in your faith? See how you treat people you disagree with.
  • Stop loving people efficiently.
  • People don’t follow vision, they follow availability. And the difference is ego.
  • People say ‘I’m leaving the church.’ I say, you can’t leave the church, you ARE the church.
Lysa Terkeurst
  • We will be known by our love, not our theology.
Simon Sinek
  • Parenting, like leadership, cannot be measured by a day. It must be measured by large windows of time.
  • Leadership is the responsibility of another person. You are a leader of people. Like a parent, the title of leader is inherent to the relationship.
  • Be the leader you wish you had.
  • Great leaders would never sacrifice the people to save the numbers, they would sacrifice the numbers to save the people.
Charles Lee
  • Just because something doesn’t work well now doesn’t mean it can’t work well in the future.
  • People don’t stick around for growth, they stick around for a culture of innovation.
  • Most creative people that get things done write things down. The more people talk about an idea the less likely they are to actually do it.
Bryan Loritts
  • The sin of the church in the 19th and 20th century was racism. The sin of the church in the 21st century is greed and materialism. Trying to explain that to an American is like talking to a fish about water.
  • If I have been vertically reconciled to God I must be horizontally reconciled with my brother.
  • God doesn’t wait for the Israelites to obey the Ten Commandments before He liberates them from Egypt. God frees the Israelites and then gives them the Ten Commandments to obey.
Robert Madu
  • Comparison is the cancer to contentment.
  • Comparison will consistently cloud the clarity of God’s call on your life.
  • Have the screens on our phones become our mirrors to see who we are? Mirror mirror on Facebook, tell me how I really look. Mirror mirror on Instagram, tell me who I really am.
  • Stay in your lane. God has given you grace to run your race.
Which quote stands out the most to you? Let me know in the comments below! Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my Top 20 Quotes. Photo credit: Rachel

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