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One of my unfulfilled career desires is to write books. I’m excited to announce a small step in that direction. Today the Creative Collective released a free eBook called “Creative Matters.” It is a compilation of perspectives on how to maximize your creativity written by a handful of people influencing the Church today creatively. Yours truly wrote a chapter in it. Click here to download the eBook for free! Here is a summary of the purpose of the book:
We reject Copy and Paste.
We reject settling.
We reject excuses.
We reject creative atrophy.
You were created for more.
You were created to create.
You matter.
Your work matters. Creative Matters.
Creative Matters is a call to arms for all of us who endeavor to create beautiful, transcendent and transformational experiences in and around the Church. It’s a field guide of sorts…written by Creatives for Creatives… for those who work in the trenches of the “Create-On-Demand” challenges that every weekend brings. It’s a fresh perspective on the process, people, and purpose surrounding Creativity. It’s an invitation to live and work in a way that is both inspired and inspiring. And it’s the kind of kick-in-the-pants that we all need and will come back to again and again.
***UPDATE 7-20-2011*** Because of the success of the eBook, it is now no longer free but it’s now available for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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