Cross Roads

cross roads william paul youngAfter how much I enjoyed reading The Shack, I knew that I wanted to read Paul Young’s next book called Cross Roads. Going in to it, I was a bit skeptical on whether he’d be able to follow up on his success. As he had stated, he sort of stumbled into the success of the Shack after originally starting out to write a book for his kids (he refers to himself as an “accidental author”). Now, he would write a book starting as a best-selling author. Make no mistake, this book does not disappoint. It is very similar in style to the Shack but it draws upon all new characters and a different scenario in which a person experiences God in a more tangible sense than we get to do currently. This book looks at a man named Anthony Spencer who has completely shut off the world and lived his life for himself. He goes into a coma and has an experience with the triune God that causes him to challenge all that he believes. What Paul does so well is to allow your imagination to ignite toward God. C.S. Lewis did this brilliantly in his Chronicles of Narnia series which remain to this day some of my favorite books. If you were a fan of The Shack, I would definitely recommend you get this book. If you’ve never read the Shack, I’d recommend you try out either one of them and see what God does with your imagination. Also, my friend Dean wrote a post that did a great job pointing out how this book addresses the concept of truth and reality. If you’d like to learn more about the author himself, I had the chance to interview Paul Young on my blog after he wrote his first book. You can read that here.
William Paul Young - The Shack

Michelle and I with Paul Young a few years ago.

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