How Was C.S. Lewis Influenced by Reading Books?

How Was C.S. Lewis Influenced by Reading Books?

I’m in the late stages of my Master’s program at Fuller Theological Seminary and I saved my elective courses for the end. This means I’ve fulfilled all of the required courses and can now take optional classes that are of particular interest to me. This semester has been the enjoyment of an entire class on the life and theology of C.S. Lewis. Lewis wrote numerous acclaimed books such as the Chronicles of Narnia series and his popular Mere Christianity book exploring theology. I’ve had the chance to write a couple of papers that others may actually be interested in reading. I say “may” because these are academically styled and therefore not the way I normally would ever write. If seeing footnotes is a trigger for you of painful school memories then move along. However, if you are a fan of C.S. Lewis, you may be curious to know what I found as I explored the way he was shaped in his theology and thinking from the books he read. It was both encouraging and motivating for me in my own pursuit of learning through books today. Click on the link below to read the paper. (And if you’re wondering, I got an A on it). How Was C.S. Lewis Shaped by Reading Books?

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