Further Discussion On Daniel

I talked about Daniel this week at Ironman (our men’s morning Bible study) and wanted to use this post as a landing page for further study for the guys that were interested. I hit on the idea of co-illumination and learning to see God’s truth all around us, especially where we’d least expect it. As John Van Sloten put it, “If all truth is God’s truth, and all beauty is God’s beauty, then certainly all great guitar riffs are God’s great guitar riffs, and all great scientific truths are God’s truths. All truth in all of creation, including humanly created culture, is God’s truth.” So where do you see God’s truth? If you are interested in studying more on this topic I would recommend the following:
  • Listen to this song and consider this question: what is true in music? Is it lyrics only or is there something beyond that?
  • Check out Brett McCracken’s book Hipster Christianity for a look at how we approach culture. What movies are okay for a Christian to watch? Where do we draw the line on secular things?
  • Listen to this song by Boyce Avenue. How does changing the lyrics to a song change the truth we find in it? Is it more true before or after?
  • Check out John Van Sloten’s book The Day Metallica Came to Church for an in depth explanation on the idea of co-illumination.

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