Dante’s Purgatorio

Dante Alighieri - The Purgatorio, The Divine ComedyI recently finished the 2nd installment of our summer reading of Dante’s Divine Comedy called the Purgatorio. After Dante travels through hell, he passes through purgatory on his way to heaven.

This part of Dante’s journey is a bit confusing as I’m not sure why he put certain people in this point of eternity. I’m excited to read his depiction of Heaven. Nonetheless, here are some of the passages that stood out to me:

“Horrible were my sins, but infinite
is the abiding Goodness which holds out
Its open arms to all who turn to It.”

“For when a man lets his attention range
toward every wisp, he loses true direction,
sapping his mind’s force with continual change.”

“When we had crossed the threshold of that gate
so seldom used because man’s perverse love
so often makes the crooked path seem straight,”

“Let come to us the sweet peace of Thy reign,
for if it come not we cannot ourselves
attain to it however much we strain.”

“Thus you may understand that love alone
is the true seed of every merit in you,
and of all acts for which you must atone.”

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