How Much are Dog Teeth Worth?

Chloe Michelle and I had an interesting conversation last week. She took our dog Chloe to the vet and then came home to report to me that we had just committed $600 for our dog. What’s the $600 for? I’m glad you asked… cleaning her teeth. Now depending on how you are predisposed to feel toward animals you might react to this in one of two ways. For the animal lovers who cry every time Sarah McLaughlin sings a sad song about pets (you know who you are), you look at this as an obvious investment into a family member. For the non-animal lovers among us, this is a tough pill to swallow for teeth cleaning. For a dog. As Michelle explained the details to me it was obvious she had mentally spent the money already. This wasn’t a whitening service we were getting for our dog. Apparently her teeth were in bad need of deep cleaning. I offered a few contrary perspectives that I felt should be discussed. She eventually put it into perspective for me.
“I’m not going to have our dog die from tartar buildup.”
Game. Set. Match. That’s a tough sentence to find a comeback for. Since I know some of you are anxiously reading to the end of this post to find out the fate of Chloe’s teeth, the end of the story is that we are indeed spending the better part of a grand for our dog’s teeth. Conversations like these show you what you value. It’s easy to talk about how much you love something until you analyze what it will cost you. I would never have this thought if it was an expense that one of my kids needed. But I can promise you I have this thought when it comes to our dog. It’s moments like these that leave me with two lingering feelings.
  1. I’m continually in awe of what God paid for us. Seriously, I know how flawed of a person that I am and who I’d be without Him so I can only imagine that concept spread out to all of mankind. And yet, in all of our imperfections and dirty dog teeth, Christ died for us. (That last sentence is like a really weird paraphrase of Romans 5:7-8).
  2. I must always push myself with what I will sacrifice for others. I wish this came naturally but it doesn’t. There is no shortage of the hurting people around me but sadly there is a shortage of what I’m willing to sacrifice for them. The more I focus on what God has paid for me the more likely I am to give of myself to others.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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