How Was Your Easter?

How Was Your Easter?

The photo above is from Saturday night when I read the Easter story to the kids (using the YouVersion Bible App on the iPad). It was only afterward that Michelle sent me the pictures she took and informed me of Adelyn’s face when I got to the part about the empty tomb. Evidently, this shocking revelation actually shocked her still today. Which leads me to a question: How was your Easter? More specifically, how did the resurrection of Jesus cause you to respond this weekend? Here’s my favorite tweet about Easter from this weekend. It helps to illustrate what happened. Easter is THE big deal for Christians. It’s the day that changes everything. Without it, Jesus is just another revolutionary preaching new radical ideas and trying to gain power and influence. Without it, you have eleven disillusioned guys wondering what career path to follow next. Without it, you have a laughable group of people who still claim the name of Jesus even today after his bones lie stagnant in the Holy Land. But with Easter, we realize that Jesus is God in flesh and sin has been defeated. With it, we realize we are likewise offered new life. With it, we realize that Jesus has overcome Satan and any claim that Satan had over us. With it, we understand why these ordinary eleven guys went on to completely alter history forever. With it, we will never be the same. With it, our jaws drop open in shock like little Adelyn. So… you excited about that?

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