Fireworks in Oklahoma

We spent last night in Tulsa, Oklahoma for our video series for Route 66. If you’ve ever been here before you know there isn’t much to do (don’t even get me started on the worst buffet I’ve ever had…compliments of Mark Miller. Our waitress refilled our drinks by pouring a full cup into our empty cup. I’ve never seen anything like it.) But we saw something that is a rare jewel for those of us that live in Arizona…fireworks! We were told that you needed a permit to do them in the city, or you just had to go outside of the city limits. This proved to be much more difficult than you’d think. After driving for an hour in circles, we finally found a field and a car with it’s tailgate open. When we saw them light off a firework, we pulled next to them and asked if we could join them. There were three of us from Central, plus this couple and three younger boys. Turns out the guy was employed by Blackwater…which meant that I didn’t know if I should feel more safe, or less safe around him. We all took turns lighting them off and I gotta admit, it was quite fun. There is something hilarious about watching a couple of newbies giggle with glee as they light off a few “Ugly Sticks.” We bought something called “Motor Mouth” and it put on a sweet show. I felt like a little kid enjoying the pure satisfaction of fire.

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