Fire in the Sky

We had another amazing year with our Fire in the Sky event at Central’s Gilbert campus. This year we partnered with the Town of Gilbert and it was bigger and better than last year. It was awesome to give a gift like this to the community.

Earlier in the day, Gavin fell into the waterfall in the courtyard as he was throwing coins and making wishes. It was a blast for sure. Here is a pic of the boys doing surprisingly well at “posing” for a pic (they were even holding hands!).

The fireworks were amazing. It was a thirty minute show and I filmed the last five and a half minutes of it on my phone that you can watch below. The last 45 seconds or so are the actual finale. We had a great vantage point that made for a great show.

But make sure you watch carefully around 4:55 when part of a firework actually falls on us! That’s what I call experiencing the show!

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.