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My dad showed me a site where they’ve tracked down links for a handful of classic literature. The links allow you to download a free copy of the Kindle version of the book. Then, because you have that copy, (I hope you’re sitting down) it gives you a link to download the audiobook on Audible for free as well! Be still my beating heart. Don’t worry, even though this sounds too good to be true it’s all on the up and up. As I guy that loves reading classic literature, I’d also recommend downloading (also free) the SparkNotes commentary to go along with each one. They also have an amazing app for your phone to read the commentaries offline. Unlike when you were in your high school English class, this time you’ll want to read this after you read each chapter to make sure you are catching everything that you are reading (or listening to). It allows you to truly appreciate the depth of the experience. If you love reading this is an absolute no-brainer. Because the Kindle and Audible versions are synched, you can switch back and forth between them and it will keep track of where you are. I’m not sure how long it will all be available so I’d jump on this soon. Click here to go to the download page and begin the fun!

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