You Need to Time Travel 6I wrote a couple of emails to myself today… in the future. Let me explain. I know I’ve written about time travel before and expressed my love for how it can affect a good story in books like this. But I’m talking about a practical way that you can do it yourself. There is a great website called that allows you to send an email to yourself at any specified time in the future. This can be a couple of months from now or decades from now. The purpose is to check in with yourself to see how you are following through with goals or ideas that you have currently. What better gut-check could there be than hearing from a younger version of you? I’ll be honest, it is more of an odd experience than I thought. It feels a bit schizophrenic to talk to yourself this way. Regardless, I pushed through this awkwardness and checked in on myself with a few goals that I’ve set for the future. Hopefully I forget about the emails (they are a few years from now) and that they have the desired effect when the older version of myself finds them in my inbox, or maybe they’ll appear on my retina lens contacts… You can send a private version to yourself or make it public for anyone to read. Accordingly, you can read through the public emails that other people have written as well. Currently, the furthest email into the future is 68 years from now and it’s actually a surprisingly profound message: 1 You can also read through emails that have just been delivered regardless of how old they are. Some of these are funny, some are encouraging, and some are quite sad. 2 3 5 The possibilities are endless. Think through some things that you’ve considered doing in the future and then email yourself about it.

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