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Like I mentioned earlier this week on Twitter, I had the chance to speak at Grand Canyon University’s chapel service on Monday. It is incredible to see what they are doing and the speed at which they are growing. The first time I spoke at their chapel the students all fit into the end section of the gym. This time, I was almost half court and they added a few of the side sections as well. It was great to connect with the students and to hear some of their stories. I talked about unity through doubt and focused on how mindless certainty results when we try to force everyone into unity. Uniformity is not the goal. Immediately after I finished I had a guy come up to me and ask me if I had ever read anything from Peter Rollins. When I told him that I loved Peter Rollins we instantly hit it off. It was great to make connections like that. They also did an article about my message on their GCU Today site. You can read it here. Here’s one of the things they quoted me as saying,
“Community (for the church) is when the whole is better than the sum of the parts. When there is co-dependency, vulnerability, and trust, that all culminates to where the overall whole of the church community is better, stronger, and fuller.”
You can also click here to watch a video from Monday (fast forward to 34 minutes).

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