The Story of Herod (And Why the Magi are Fascinating)

This weekend I preached our third installment of our Christmas series. As we have unpacked the larger Christmas story, we’ve seen the individual short stories that form it. This week was the villain of Christmas named Herod the Great. Herod is not only a historical person, but a fascinating case study. He loved power and was threatened to his core by the presence of Jesus. This continues happening to people who love power today. Yet the Magi show us just the opposite. They fully submit their lives to the story of this new king, even though this wasn’t originally their story. They show us how God always invites outsiders to become insiders. If you are unfamiliar with these guys you’ll probably find it fascinating to hear more of their story. Between Herod and the Magi, we saw how we will either fight against this story or submit our lives to it.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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