The Holiday Playlists

Back for its second year… my Thanksgiving playlist! Yes, you read that right. You didn’t know such a thing existed? It doesn’t really, so last year I made my own. Admittedly, there isn’t as much to choose from here which is why I hope you’ll enjoy the efforts I made.

I used a few criteria in making this list:

  1. Music that is obviously about Thanksgiving. There isn’t much of this, but I found a few gems.
  2. Music about things that happen at Thanksgiving. Here I included songs about food, friends, family, home, etc.
  3. Music that captures the right vibe of Thanksgiving. This one is by far the most subjective, but there’s some good stuff here.

It’s now more than a hundred songs so it should last you long enough for your get-togethers. Once in Spotify hit the heart icon to add this to your music. Without further ado, here is my free playlist for you to enjoy:

And then after Thanksgiving is done you’ll be ready for my pride and joy: Jeremy’s Christmas Mix. I’ve been curating this playlist for seven years now and with the new additions this year, it has surpassed 2000 songs! Why listen to the same twenty songs on the radio when you can keep this bad boy going all month?

For both of these playlists, I’d encourage you to enjoy them by shuffling the songs rather than playing them straight through. Happy holidays!

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