How Far Can you See?

Streets - Lane Closed They have been working on Lindsay road for awhile now and they make you merge into one lane for a bit of it (Lindsay is the road that I take each day for 5 miles or so one way). I’m always amazed how many people don’t seem to realize that their lane is ending till they practically run over a cone or two. As I thought about it, I realize that I’ve known lots of drivers like that who don’t seem to look beyond the hood of their car. Clearly there needs to be a balance. You don’t want to be staring miles down the road and run into things in front of you. You also don’t want to be staring at your windshield. You want to be able to adequately anticipate and respond to what is coming. Life is the same way. I’m not one to set a crazy amount of goals, but as we begin the new year I want to make sure I’m looking far enough out. In 2011 I want to become a better blogger, both on this site and a few side projects that are in the works. I want to continue learning Spanish and get comfortable enough to have a basic conversation. And I’d like to read a bit more than I was able to last year. What are you looking at ahead of you this year? What are those goals that aren’t too far out that they aren’t realistic but are challenging enough that they give you a direction to head? Let’s avoid dragging cones under our vehicles as we drive through life this year.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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