Interview for GirlfriendIT

I recently did a radio interview for GirlfriendIT about my book, Crowdsourcing the Message. My mom, Lisa Jernigan, and her friend Patty Wyatt lead a weekly podcast designed for women in ministry. Patty was away for this one so Kelly O’Donnell stepped in and helped with the interview. The really exciting part was that I was able to have two of the members of my sermon team (which the book is about) participate in the interview with me. Here’s an excerpt from their website to give you some context for what the show is about:
Patty and Lisa are speakers, authors, and radio personalities. Feature articles about them have appeared in major newspapers and magazines across the country, including Woman’s Day Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Christian Standard, REV and National OUTREACH magazine. Lisa and Patty have been interviewed on radio and television stations, with guest appearances on Lifetime TV, ABC/Sonoran Living, and The Harvest Show. Whether in the church walls, in prisons, in strip clubs or out in the community, their messages focus on leading women to lead their lives for greater impact. They are passionate about encouraging; motivating and equipping women to not only believe that they can be used 100 percent by God but to join Him. Why settle for anything else?
I don’t normally target women with my message—but I’ll talk about the book wherever I can and these ladies have some cool things going! You can listen to some highlights of my interview with them below. Jeremy Jernigan Interview on GirlfriendIT by jeremyjernigan Click here for a list of the other interviews that they’ve done.

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