Is the Voice Enough?

Last Saturday as I picked up Gavin from children’s ministry in Mesa after our Third Format service, I was told about something interesting that he did during the service. Apparently he was pretty mellow and was cuddling in a lady’s arms in the nursery until she walked over to part of the room where they were playing the service live on a tv. I happened to be teaching at the time. Gavin immediately started looking around when he heard my voice and when he didn’t see me he started crying. They ended up turning the tv on mute.
Fast forward a day to Sunday night. I pick up Gavin from the children’s ministry in Gilbert and they tell me another story. They have a similar tv in their nursery as well. When I began teaching, Gavin quickly crawled across the room toward the tv (they compared it to a baby sprint) and when he didn’t actually find me but heard my voice, began to get fussy again. They ended up playing Baby Einstein DVDs until the service was over.
The odd thing about this is that he’s never done this before, and all of a sudden does it on back to back nights in two different places with two sets of people. So I’m enjoying being a dad and having a son who gets bothered when he hears my voice but can’t find me.
But I wonder how often we are content when it comes to our Heavenly Father to hear bits of His voice only. We don’t often long for more. We hear part of His voice in one moment, and we are content with that instead of looking around and longing for Him even more. I pray that our desire for His Spirit would grow and that we would be bothered whenever we can’t experience Him fully.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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