It’s a Small World After All

I had the weekend off so Michelle and I came up to Flagstaff to get away. It’s been fantastic. We did some Christmas shopping while it snowed today (it wasn’t impressive snow by Flag measures, but when you’re from Mesa). We have been enjoying having nothing to do and being in a much colder environment. Alone time with your wife + partial snow + a good book = RELAXATION. After some shopping and dinner we decided to spend some quality time at the local Starbucks. A few hours into it Michelle nudges me and is looking at someone who just walked in. And sure enough, there was someone from 3F grabbing a seat. Needless to say we were a bit surprised to see him. Always the extrovert, my wife said his name and a friendly greeting and he looked over at us like we had just asked him to speak Russian. It took him a few moments to place us and then he sheepishly said hi. A bit awkward maybe. I walked past him a bit later and he invited us to go to church with him in the morning. Much to his surprise, I politely declined. I was even downright honest with him and told him that I wanted to sleep in in the morning. I did feel a bit guilty for it for some reason, and I bet he may be rethinking his view of me from this point on. But more importantly, this weekend has reminded how much I like wearing a scarf. I’m even wearing it in my room as I type this. How could I have ever forgot about this?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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