The Jernigans are Moving!

The Jernigans are Moving!

Back in March I wrote about our realization that God was calling my family to a new season of ministry (see: Big News for Our Family). You might recall that while I sensed God nudging us forward, I had no idea yet of where that might lead us. I’m beyond stoked to have that next detail to share now! Beginning in August, I will serve as the Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Church. ALC has three campuses outside of Portland, Oregon. I have the incredible opportunity to become just the second Lead Pastor of the church in its three decades. Pastor George Powell and his wife Ann planted the church twenty-eight years ago and have sensed God leading them into a new season in their lives. God has given Michelle and me a great love and heart for Portland and we look forward to serving these communities with a new church family. One of the things that Pastor George shared recently describes how we have all felt through this process:

“What I’ve discovered in this process is what I have always felt would be true . . . that when the time came that Ann and I felt we should pass the baton of leadership, God would have been working way upstream of us preparing the couple that He has raised up for this ministry.”

As I said in my post back in March, when I started on staff at Central twelve years ago I was finishing up my undergrad degree and was about to get married. I began as a fifteen-month intern and had no idea how long I’d be on staff here. Now we have five kids and we’ve been married more than eleven years. And now we also feel God is leading us to a new opportunity for the next season of ministry. This weekend I began preaching our summer series at Central and I will continue doing that for the next seven weeks. My final day on staff will be my last day preaching, July 23rd. We’ve already begun transitioning some of the staff teams at Central and I am excited for what’s in store for them. I would invite you to pray for Michelle and me and our family as we make this move across the country and settle into a very different context. I would also ask for you to continue to pray for Central and its leadership during the transition here. God has been amazingly faithful to us through this season of transition and I cannot wait to keep walking forward and see what’s next. You can find out more about Abundant Life Church online: And here is the video of the announcement in their services this weekend.

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