Kung Fu Grandpa

I struggle in this world of smartphones with how to be present in the moment. The Holy Spirit often uses my wife to let me know when I’m too glued to my phone when I should be present to my surroundings. That’s an incredible gift (that I can usually admit later). I often think of this tension and how each of us must learn how to navigate it. How do you stay present in the moment while also connecting yourself to the larger, digital community? How do you have an awesome Twitter and Instagram account without your friends becoming annoyed by how often you document what’s happening? As an example, the video above has gone insanely viral this week. It’s a video of a older man practicing nun-chucks in a parking lot. Despite the awesomeness included in that last sentence, that isn’t even the best part. The best part of the video is the guy filming it and narrating it. His quick wit and spur of the moment capturing allows this to truly become an incredibly awesome video. kung fu grandpaThis has even launched a site where you can buy Kung Fu Granpda shirts! Events like this happen when we seize the moment in front of us. I don’t know what this guy was doing when he glanced over and noticed the ninja-man but it certainly couldn’t have been more important than what he captured on camera! I don’t want to live my life through the screen of my iPhone, but I also want to be able to capture and share some of the finer moments of each day. This conundrum will be a defining characteristic of each one of us. It’s definitely a first world problem and it especially affects the younger people among us who are more naturally predisposed to a digital attachment. Question: What’s your approach to balancing your smartphone with being focused on your present moment?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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