Moment Maker

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking about my message for our worship night last Sunday. We landed on the theme “Moments.” When I met with some of the Creative Arts people to talk through it a few of them recommended I read a recent book on a similar subject by Carlos Whittaker. His book is called Moment Maker and turned out to be a surprisingly engaging experience. Whittaker reads like a young Bob Goff (a bit crazy with a healthy dose of witty humor). He’s the perfect guy to write a book about making moments happen. As you can see in the video above, he has a track record of crazy stories happening around him. Here are some of my favorite quotes from his book:
Carlos Whittaker - Moment MakerAnd that, my friends, is what Moment Making is all about — using time to create a story worth reading. Not everyone is going to write a book about their lives and sell it on bookshelves. But we all write a story through our lives that will be read by those around us. And through that, we have an opportunity to have an impact by touching just one other person. And that, by extension, will change the world. Anyone can buy a moment, but not everyone can create a moment. God has placed a unique design inside of your heart to make moments unlike any other. When someone feels the true worth of who they are because you stopped what you were doing and made life about them, you have hit on an essential component of Moment Making. God created our minds to be stronger carriers than Kodak could ever pull off. God created our mouths to paint the pictures of these stories in ways that a video could never collect. We are called to be Moment Makers. Not Moment Capturers. Jesus was too busy being the moment to have time to capture the moment. Don’t be a Moment Taker; be a Moment Maker.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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